Alicia Medina
Diseñador Gráfico con experiencia de trabajo abarcando cinco años.

Graphic Designer with working experience spanning five years. Editorial, illustration, product shot, branding, packaging, storyboarding, and art direction.

Sony DSC-H9

Sony Cybershot DSC-H9.

I really need a new camera. This one is about to die.

Logo Design
Agriculture and Environment Conference
Producing biomass and economic growth while caring for our environment: A shared vision for the future
Ministerial Conference and Regulation Workshop on Biosafety for Central America and Dominican Republic
At Zamorano University, Honduras, May 9–11, 2012
The conference and workshop fostered a dialog for a shared vision in participating countries to implement the necessary policy changes towards agricultural, food/fiber, and energy production systems that successfully meets current and future expectations of producing biomass and creating economic growth, while caring for the environment.

Guatemalan dancer in Zamorano’s 8th Panamerican Festival.